How This Plan Provides Resource Management Direction

This plan has seven parts. Part 1 is the Introduction. Parts 2, 3 and 4 provide direction to sustain the economy, communities and the environment on multiple-use lands as well as protected areas. Part 5 describes plan monitoring, implementation and amendment. Part 6 explains terms used in the plan. Part 7 (Appendices) includes documents that supplement plan direction.

Parts 2, 3, and 4 are divided into sections, based on the resource or land use to be managed. Each section has the same general structure. Each has an introduction, a list of issues, and a goal statement, followed by a table with objectives, strategies, measures of success, and intent. Sections have maps, figures or tables to supplement them.

The introduction describes the resource or land use in its local context. Issues are problems or concerns that were identified during plan development. The goal statement describes the long-term vision or desired future condition for the land use or the resource.

Objectives provide management direction to address the issues and fulfil the goals. Management Direction/Strategies provide recommended means to achieve the objectives. Objectives are end results that will achieve the broader goals. Strategies are recommended means to achieve the objective. Additional information needed to explain the purpose of an objective or strategy, or to provide context, is in a column labelled “Management Intent”.

Measures of Success/Targets describe specific results the plan seeks to achieve. The measures are based on the best information available at the time of writing. As knowledge improves they may need to change.

Maps show where features of interest occur or where management objectives apply. The maps reflect the best available information but ongoing research will continue to improve them. Also, the maps in this plan are not at a scale useful for operational planning or decision making. Users will need to acquire maps at the appropriate scale and currency for the work they intend to do.